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Let’s find out how we can help you grow your business!


There is no problem in lack of knowledge in using cloud tools. Our team can train your employees how to work and make the best use of Cloud possibilities.

100% Security

You do not have to be concerned about the security level of the cloud environment, because we can provide the highest standards of privacy and data security for your business.

Cost effective

Flexible solutions for your company! You do not have to worry about in-house IT proffesionals - everything is outsourced!

Technology advisory

If your company is at the beginning of cloud solutions deployment we can support your team of developers using the CI/CD systems. We can build, implement and configure the system which will be automatically deployed in the environment.

Architecture design

We can offer you delivering complete projects based on your requirements (“from zero to hero” approach). We will design appropriate environment with all applications your business needs to grow.


This approach is integral with every company value stream. DevOps is strictly connected with automation, which will help you to eliminate repetitive tasks. It can also detect errors very fast. Find out the benefits of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with us!

Containerization services

We offer an implementation of containerization products using Kubernets (raw or with cloud services like EKS or GKE). Although it needs minimum resources to run, the containers will make your applications fast and productive. Moreover, it can help you solve all the traditional infrastructure issues like update your application without downtime.

Infrastructure as Code Implementation

This approach manages the whole infrastructure such as networking, virtual machines, storage, load balancers and connections. When the infrastructure is defined as code, the whole deployment process is automated. It has a lot of advantages, such as speed and safety or reusing – when something happens to servers our team can easily recreate the entire environment.

High availability solutions

If your company needs the continuous availability and data recovery just contact us. We will analyze your case and design the optimal solution. If needed, we can also provide its implementation and support.

Design and implementation of cloud migrations

Our team can help you with digital transformation. We will find out whether public, private or hybrid approach is the best for your company. The cloud migration we can do is from on-prem or between providers. We are using the leading cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Long-term support of your environments

If you wish, we will support your platforms and apps for a long term. We can also provide administration services such as monitoring, backups, scalability.

Technologies we're working with

We can offer you two payment models

Turnkey cost or fixed price: Our team can provide full implementation of the project based on requirements and expected results.

Flat hourly rate per engineer: In this model tasks are estimated in advance. It would be a good solution for you if you need help with some projects or just need some problems to be solved.