About us

We are a small but highly specialized group of Cloud Architects and DevOps Engineers. Our company was established in Poland in 2019. We work on Polish and foreign markets. We have worked on various types of projects not only for small or medium-sized companies, but also for larger corporations. We are currently widening our offer and preparing a special proposal for start-ups.

We believe that small but highly skilled engineering teams offer superior performance and deliver high-quality results fast.

Our group enjoys designing, automating, cleaning and improving processes such as infrastructure deployments, cloud migrations and CI/CD. We have experience, certifications and superb communication skills – you will simply love working with us.

Our Assets

Payment for engineering only

You are not paying for
our office, management or marketing, only for the tasks we do for you.

Focus on your needs

Our comprehensive frameworks will be 100% adjusted to your requirements.

Expert level

If you want to maximize your business potential do not hesitate to contact us!


Security is among our top priorities. We know some industries need the highest level of security and we can guarantee it.

Our work process